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so far i ate egg substitute and cucumbers for breakfast, a few almonds for a snack. salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  sadly i had cake today. it was ice cream cake sitting in the freezer and i had a small piece. i feel awful about it. im going to basketball tonight so hopefully i will burn lots of calories...

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considering a juice fast..im doing some research. im worried that ill gain all the weight back after the fast??? anyone have experience


I have been dieting for about three weeks. I FINALY chose a healthy plan... no specific plan - just something I "compiled" from reading magazines, books and plans for popular diets. The diet I made up is very similar to the south beach diet, which is lucky for me as they have incredible recipes. i would really like to meet people to share goals, progress and tips. i would like to meet people who are realistic....with realistic goals and plans.  Also i would love to get some new exercise ideas.
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